[b-hebrew] Re: das männliche Glied handeln (was: "little finger" in 1 Kings 12: 10)

Noam Eitan bhebrew at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 13:38:49 EDT 2004

If Reinhard won't (modesty?) , I'll give it a try. The quotes basically say in a very German roundabout way that QTN is a penis.


Dave Washburn <dwashbur at nyx.net> wrote:

How about a translation into English for those who don't read German? (I can 
sort it out given enough time, but said time is not available at the 

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 08:38, Reinhard G. Lehmann wrote:
> Martin Noth, in his 1968 commentary on Kings, wrote p. 275: The answer of
> the children would be a "wahrscheinlich obszöne und vermutlich
> sprichwörtliche Redensart, die eine maßlose Prahlerei mit der eigenen Kraft
> zum Inhalt hat", 

Probably an obscene idiom, an endless boasting about one's own strength

and, less distinguished, on p. 267: It is "zu vermuten,
> daß mit qTn etwas der 'Hüfte' Gegenüberzustellendes gemeint ist; dann aber
> dürfte es sich am ehesten um eine Umschreibung für das männliche Glied
> handeln."


QTN has probably to do with what is opposite the 'hip', but it is most likely a description for the penis

> But translators seem not to have learned from it...
> Reinhard G. Lehmann

It is odd that translating from German into English is no easier that from BH to English.


Noam Eitan, Brooklyn, NY

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