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It is not surprising that the only references to Eden are in the Bible, there is a difference between its description antediluvian and postdiluvian—the postdiluvian references lack the geographic specificity of the antediluvian references. In Isaiah, Ezekiel and Joel, it is used as a picture of a fruitful land, not as a then existing physical location.

(The New Testament, in 2 Peter 3:6, the claim exists that the earth was destroyed by water. Was that belief a widespread Jewish belief, or specific to Christianity?)

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> Karl,
> Since the only references to Eden are in the Bible, it only makes sense to take a *sola scriptura* approach, although I am using that term *sensu latu* rather than in its theological or sectarian sense.  I would not take such an approach on issues such as steeled iron weapons and the like.
> My point was to determine where the writers of the Bible thought Eden was.  The authors of 2nd Kings, Ez., and Genesis seem to locate it either in North Western Mesopotemia near Haran or North West of Mesopotemia in the highlands of eastern Turkey at the headwater of the Tigris and Euphrates, near Mt. Ararat.  These authors make no indication that I can see that they thought the location of Eden was lost.  The Tigris, Euphrates, Asshur, Kush, and Eden are listed before and after the flood with no textual evidence that the authors thought that these features had changed in anyway.
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