[b-hebrew] Limmuday (Isa 8:16)

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On 15/06/2004 01:20, leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il wrote:

>Don't get you feathers ruffled, it was just a thought, considering the
>importance of that particular context to Christian thought. I would suggest
>that Shai (or anyone else) check the Jewish translations, DDS etc. I could
>be wrong.
Yigal, you are right that Christian translations, dating back at least 
to KJV, tend to have "disciples" here. And so does JPS (1985).

BDB lists LIMMUD as an adjective meaning "taught", citing Isaiah 8:16, 
50:4 (twice) and 54:13, or "accustomed", citing Jeremiah 2:24, 13:23. 
"Covering" hardly works in Isaiah 50:4.

There seem to be no New Testament quotations or allusions to this verse, 
according to the list in the UBS Greek NT.

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