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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Jun 14 05:46:47 EDT 2004

On 12/06/2004 17:30, Brian Roberts wrote:

> ...
> Walter,
> You would have a hard time proving the Eden-Aden connection. First of 
> all, modern Aden was called Eudaemon is the 1st century BCE, which 
> would be the first known reference to it. ("Eudaemon Arabia was once a 
> full-fledged city, when vessels from India did not go to Egypt and 
> those of Egypt did not dare sail to places further on, but only came 
> this far") (see Periplus of the Erythraean Sea). Heuristically, I 
> don't see the connection to be made here.
I agree that this would be hard to prove, but I don't think your 
evidence here is strong. Perhaps you are implying that the modern name 
Aden is derived from the obviously Greek Eudaemon. That is possible, of 
course. On the other hand, the Greek name could well be an adaptation of 
an original name Eden into something more Greek-sounding. It could be 
relevant also that the LXX version of Eden is Edem - closer to Eudaemon.

I am reminded of a small place in Australia called Bonville. A very 
pseudo-French English name. But it is actually an adaptation of local 
aboriginal name Bongil, which is preserved as the name of the nearby beach.

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