[b-hebrew] Midstream article: "The Genetics of the Israeli Language: mosaic or Mosaic?"

Joseph I. Lauer josephlauer at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 13 15:09:50 EDT 2004

    The following is posted solely for information purposes.
    Recently, b-hebrew postings mentioned (and contrasted) "Biblical Hebrew"
with "Modern Hebrew" (or "Abazit", an acronym for "Ivrit Bat Z'manenu"
[contemporary Hebrew], a term apparently used by some linguists).  One
reaction was to be reminded that the list concerned Biblical Hebrew.
    Thus, I hope am not exceeding the bounds and will be forgiven for
mentioning that the current issue of Midstream magazine (May/June 2004, vol.
L, no. 4, pp. 30-33) contains an article by Dr. Ghil'ad Zuckermann entitled
"The Genetics of the Israeli Language: mosaic or Mosaic?"  (Dr. Zuckermann,
Gulbenkian Research Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge, prefers the term
"Israeli" to "Modern Hebrew".)
    Although the article is not accessible on the Internet, it appears to be
a very lightly edited version of one of the works posted at Dr. Zuckermann's
website <www.zuckermann.org>, entitled "Dr Ghil'ad Zuckermann's Forthcoming
Book  Mosaic or mosaic? - The Genetics of the Israeli Language", which also
has some bibliographic references.
    The piece's URL is http://www.zuckermann.org/mosaic.html
    Joseph I. Lauer
    Brooklyn, New York

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