[b-hebrew] on-line courses on biblical Hebrew

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Sat Jun 12 19:20:34 EDT 2004

This site seems strange to me, where the person in charge seems to be 
more pushing his pet theories than trying to analyse the language on 
its own. For example, he believes that the roots of all words have only 
two letters. That is just as artificial as to claim that they all have 
three letters (more accurate, because a larger percentage have three 
letters). He also tries to teach that the spellings of words have clues 
as to the meaning of the words. 
I notice that some roots seem to be made of two letters, more with 
three letters and a few with four letters. 
Karl W. Randolph. 
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From: "George F. Somsel" <gfsomsel at juno.com 
> Here's another that may be more to your liking 
> http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/7_home.html 
> gfsomsel 
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> On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 14:57:07 -0400 "Tony Costa" <tmcos at rogers.com> 
> writes: 
> > Does any one know if there are on-line courses available on 
> > Hebrew anywhere on the web? Thanks. 
> >  
> > Tony Costa 
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