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wesley4christ wesley4christ at blackplanet.com
Sat Jun 12 17:47:24 EDT 2004

     Has anyone been to this site?  http://www.learnhebrewisrael.com/ 
The Rabbi has a unique system for learning Hebrew.  I believe that it is modern Hebrew that he teaches.  He also wrote something called the "DikDukBuk." 
     After listening to one of the sample lessons, I have three questions. 

1.  I have had Biblical Hebrew one and two in Seminary.  Is modern Hebrew much different?  I am considering learning modern Hebrew and I wanted to get an idea of what I am up against. 

2.  This Rabbi says that there are 12 Hebrew constants that can "ONLY" be used as part of the root of a word.  He says that whenever you see one of these constants that they must be part of the root.  I do not remember ever hearing this before.  Is this true with Ancient Hebrew as well as modern Hebrew? 
     Thank you very much. 

Mark Thompson 
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