[b-hebrew] Hebrew Idioms

George F. Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Sat Jun 12 16:32:42 EDT 2004

Sometimes it's necessary to do a little mining.  Using your text

Xa:NoK: LA:N.a(aR *** (aL_P.iY [P.eH] *** DaR:K.oW G.aM K.iY_YaZ:QiYN
Lo)_YfSW.R MiM.eN.fH

If you check BDB under P.eH you will find that under #6 it deals with
combinations with prepositions such as )El_P.iY, K.:PiY, L:PiY, and
(aL_P.iY.  This is frequently the case in such combinations.


On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 15:33:14 EDT Data1129 at aol.com writes:
> Hello B-Hebrew Students (always learning :-)  )
> Maybe someone can help me out here. I wanted to know if there 
> are publications I can get that specializes in Hebrew idioms?
> For example: Proverbs.22:6 literally says "Upon the mouth of" (an 
> Idiom), for (In the way he should go) or according to, in accord 
> with.
> Are there any other sources available that explains Idioms in the 
> Hebrew Bible?
> Thanks in advance.
> TONY STARKS :-)   
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