[b-hebrew] Outline History (was Job and Sumer)

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Dear Noam,

Here is a blurb about the book.

				Harold Holmyard

ON THE RELIABILITY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, K A Kitchen, 660 pages, Hardcover

For more than 250 years controversy has raged over the reliability of 
the Old Testament. Questions about the factuality of its colourful 
stories of heroes, villains and kings, for example, have led many 
critics to see the entire Hebrew Bible as little more than pious 

In this fascinating new book, noted ancient historian Kenneth Kitchen 
takes strong issue with today's "revisionist" critics and offers a 
firm foundation for the historicity of the biblical texts.

In a detailed, comprehensive and entertaining manner, Kitchen draws 
on an unprecedented range of historical data from the ancient Near 
East - the Bible's own world - and uses it to soundly reassess both 
the biblical record and the critics who condemn it.

Working back from the latest periods (for which hard evidence is 
readily available) to the remotest times, Kitchen systematically 
shows up the many failures of favoured arguments against the Bible 
and marshals pertinent permanent evidence from antiquity's 
inscriptions and artifacts to demonstrate the basic honesty of the 
Old Testament writers.

Enhanced with numerous tables, figures and maps, On The Reliability 
Of The Old Testament is a must-read for anyone interested in the 
question of biblical truth.


Kenneth Kitchen is Professor Emeritus of Egyptology and Honorary 
Research Fellow at the School of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental 
Studies, University of Liverpool, England. He is the author of many 
books on Egyptology, the ancient Near East, and biblical history. His 
textbooks are required reading in many major universities around the 

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>>  Yes, this view is quite common nowadays. For a totally different approach
>that supports in broad outline the Patriarchial narratives based on a great
>deal of >external evidence, please consult K. Kitchen's recent work .
>What is the title of the work? Noam Eitan, Brooklyn, NY (fishing for another
>good title to read)

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