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 Yes, this view is quite common nowadays. For a totally different approach that supports in broad outline the Patriarchial narratives based on a great deal of external evidence, please consult K. Kitchen's recent work  On ther Reliability of the Old testament. It is worth consulting for other periods too because of the large collection of extra-biblical sources.
  The earlier parts of Israel's historical narratives, till the Divided Kingdom say, can be accepted cautiously as valid outline history.

Michael Banyai <Banyai at t-online.de> wrote:

Furthermore the description of patriarchal age itself is made possible by the survival, of what the writers of the considered to have been patterns typical of the patriarchal age, into these later ages. 

The patriarch stories project in fact in a quite anachronistic manner a halfnomadic society as surviving in more desertic regions of the Sinai and the Arabian peninsula. It is to be pointed that the patriarchs where rather something as "displaced sedentary people" seeking new settling land in a region where land was already settled than genuine nomadists.

Refferences to the Kasdim, et al, invading Arabia, or of El worship in Teman, pushes the date rather into a late period, post 8th century. The most probable period might be late Babylonian.

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