[b-hebrew] Re: Job & Sumer

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Fri Jun 11 15:51:14 EDT 2004

On 11/06/2004 12:48, George F. Somsel wrote:

>The canon is the rule of faith.  But I must stress that it is the rule of
>FAITH.  It is not the rule for ORTHO - DOXY.  Orthodoxy is gnostic in
>origin, not Jewish or Christian.  If one only knew what he is, namely a
>little piece of the divine (according to gnosticism), he would be OK. 
>The "Christian" version is  "If one would only think the right thoughts: 
>(doctrine 1), (doctrine 2), (doctrine 3), . . . he will be OK.  This is
>in fact anti-Christian. ...

Agreed, but it is also a caricature, as it has never been Christian 
teaching that salvation is guaranteed by holding the right doctrine. 
This list is not the place to caricature others' faith.

But I am confused. Are you pro-gnostic or anti-gnostic? Or just 
a-gnostic :-) ?

Peter Kirk
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