[b-hebrew] Job: Who influenced whom?

Michael Abernathy mabernathy at isot.com
Fri Jun 11 13:13:10 EDT 2004

>> Job is said to own 3,000 camels.  It is pretty well established that camels were not domesticated too much before 1,000 BC.  Job is also presented as being a sedentary individual, not a migratory shepherd as would be more appropriate to a Israelite of the patriarchal era.>>

I don't want to get off point but this is a common error.  We have had archaeological evidence  to the contrary for about 70 years but this keeps showing up in books.  I have a recent edition of An Old Testament survey by Lasor, Hubbard, and Bush in my office.  The body of the text makes a similar statement on page 42.  Seven hundred and seven pages later a footnote that evidence now suggests that camels may have been known to the inhabitants of  Syria-Palestine as early as the turn of the 3rd millenium BC.
Michael Abernathy

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