[b-hebrew] Dating and the book of Job

Ephraim49 at aol.com Ephraim49 at aol.com
Thu Jun 10 20:56:10 EDT 2004

Hi, All.
<<I have a four part question regarding Job.

<<1.   What are the most accurate dates for when the book might 
<<have been written?
I give my opinion in #3 below.
<<2.  Can Job himself be placed in any acceptable date when he  might 
<<possibly have lived?
Yes, by reasoning of the large animal mentioned.  Risking ridicule,  I'd guess
about 45 Million BC.  God always called the first male earthling  "Adam"
in each of the seven eras.  There was an "Eden" that existed in the  first
era, since God mentions that Lucifer had been there.
<<3.  Can there be any possible reason to consider that Moses  might 
<<have collected the story?
I think Jeremiah wrote the book, by inspiration of God.  Only Jeremiah 
writes about a place called "Uz".

<<4.  Can the land of Nod be identified?
My guess is Sumer.

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