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On 09/06/2004 21:34, david.kimbrough at charter.net wrote:

>Eden for Fun
>In Genesis 2, (dn is placed at the head of four rivers, the 
>Euphrates [ prt ], the Gihon [ gyxwn ], the Pison [ py#n ], 
>and the Hiddekel [xdkl ], probably the Tigris.  Both the 
>Tigris and Euphrates have the head waters in the same 
>region of southern (Kurdish) Turkey.  There are of course 
>other rivers in this region (e.g. Zab, Diyala, or Khabur).  
>The writer (the DH folks would say this is ?J?) seems to be 
>thinking again of northern Mesopotamia or the highland 
>around it.
>Question; could there be some connectio between Gihon 
>[gyxwn] and Gozan [gwzn]?

Gihon corresponds to Arabic Jeyhun, which is apparently (among other 
things) an old name (but still found on some 19th century maps) for the 
river Araz or Araxes, which now forms the north-west frontier of Iran 
and flows very close to Ararat.

>So it would seem that there is some idea in the OT that 
>Eden was to the north and west of Mesopotamia.
Agreed. Among others, David Rohl has looked into this idea in his book 

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