[b-hebrew] Yachid and echad - Oneness?

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Dear Chris:

I have heard this argument before, primarily from Christians who want to say that the concept of the Trinity is implied in the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4). However, I cannot verify it.

YXYD יחיד comes from the root that has its main idea of a group coming together to act as one. It is used of brothers living together in harmony. YXYD therefore has its main meaning of being together with. (It may have had the concept of absolute oneness in later Hebrew, but I haven‘t found it in Biblical Hebrew.)

)XD אחד means one, but it also includes the idea of two or more coming together as one. In plural it means few or small in number.

I‘m open to further discussion, but this is how I see it at this time.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Dear members of the list,
> Just want to clear a nagging point up.  I have always taken Yachid to mean ABSOLUTE ONENESS to the exclusion of all else.  Then I have always viewed Echad to usher in a subtle plurality to the oneness.  A bit like man + woman are ONE, they can be spoken of as one but there is a plurality to their existence.
> Do i need to be corrected in my thinking please??
> Best regards  Chris.
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