[b-hebrew] NEW SUBJECT NOT ACCEPTABLE, was OT: relevance of the prophecies

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Wed Jun 9 16:57:58 EDT 2004


Let me come at this from a different angle this time but still as a list
administrator.  I'm not trying to single out Vadim, Peter or Harold.  This
is only the most current thread.  We need to get back inside our list

We will not discuss on b-hebrew the post-biblical history of Jewish (or
Christian) Messianism, the relevance of prohecies generally or prophecy as a
phenomenon generally.

On the other hand, we may investigate the faith and doctrine of biblical
personalities including what Isaiah thought of Micah's prophecies.

Bottom line:  Harold's comment is probably out-of-bounds, Peter's is
in-bounds, and Vadim's new subject line and comment are likely to lead us

BTW, Vadim, re: "Isaiah would have laughed his socks off..."  Please keep
the discussion more collegial in tone and helpful in detail?

Thanks all.

Bryan Rocine
b-hebrew co-chair

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> > > HH: Once you add Micah and Zechariah, you have added something
> > > significant. The Jews themselves find other Messianic texts. How do
> > > you know texts like Micah and Zechariah weren't taken seriously before
> > > the Pharisees? They are God's word. ...
> >
> >
> > Actually we know that the book of Micah was taken seriously, as it is
> > quoted in Isaiah 2:1-4 (or possibly vice versa) and Jeremiah 26:18 (this
> > cannot be vice versa).
> Seriously? Isaiah would have laughed his socks off if someone had told him
> that Micah, whom he mentioned in passing, became a basis for world
> No proof for this statement  :)
> Sincerely,
> Vadim Cherny
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