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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Jun 9 15:41:52 EDT 2004

On 09/06/2004 11:13, Noam Eitan wrote:

>>One of the verbs that have preocupied me in this sense is the NITZDAK of 
>>Daniel 8:14 ( the niphal waw consec perfect 3rd person masculine singular of 
>>the verb TZADEIK). 
>I don't think this NITZDAK is a good launching pad for a discussion about aspect, because the meaning of both is controversial. We need examples where the meaning can be clearly gleaned at least from the context to discuss such a topic. - Noam Eitan, Brooklyn, NY
Another good reason for not using this as a launching pad is that (by 
almost everyone's reckoning) Daniel was one of the last books of the 
Hebrew Bible to be written, and there is evidence that in late biblical 
Hebrew the meanings of some verb forms were beginning to shift towards 
the rather different meanings found in DSS and Mishnaic Hebrew. This 
whole topic is certainly controversial. But to avoid such controversy it 
is best to start with the core non-poetic texts of the Hebrew Bible, 
i.e. the Pentateuch and the historical books from Joshua to Kings.

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