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Could Psalm 40:7[6] be such a case?[1]
Philip Engmann
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Going beyond that, there are many cases in which the LXX version seems
"make more sense" than the MT. In such cases, one must ask, whether this
means that the MT is corrupt, or that the LXX version was "corrected" by
redactor in order to iron out difficulties in the original.
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> Dear Philip,
> >In cases where the LXX Vorlage clearly differs irreconcilably from
> >Proto-MT which text is more accurate? And which text should be seen
> >'more correct'? [1]
> HH: Textual criticism is largely done on a case by case basis. There
> is not a general rule that always applies. The original writing was
> done in Hebrew and Aramaic, so that gives some precedence to the
> Hebrew and Aramaic sources over those in Greek.
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[1] The difference between the LXX and MT quotations of Psalm 40:7[6] is
that the phrase '*but you have given me an open ear*', in MT Psalm
40:7[6] is radically and irreconcilably different from the corresponding
LXX phrase '*a body you have prepared for me*' in LXX Psalm 40:7[6].

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