[b-hebrew] Isaiah 52:14-15

VC vadim_lv at center-tv.net
Wed Jun 9 00:18:57 EDT 2004

Dear Otis,

mishchat, as it is, is anointment. DSS makes the noun plural. Vowelization
rules out a verb.
You reason correctly about nazah; I also translate it sprinkle


Vadim Cherny

>   When I first started researching this servant song I
> came across the comment(sorry my notes are in
> storage,hence no citation) "that if you add an yod to
> mishchat the meaning changes from "marred"to "anoint
> will I". several months later thinking of this I
> thought of the DSS of Isa and found the yod there.
>  to translate nazeh as sprinkle made the most sense in
>  continuing with the idea of anointing appearing in
> the previous verse. the auxiliary soldiers
> (mercenaries)to fulfill the torah must be sprinkled
> before preforming the sacrifice, and they were with
> the blood of y"shua when he was whipped by the two
> soldiers with the flaglium as it was drawn back for
> another blow flicked blood and flesh upon the on lookers.
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