[b-hebrew] Gen 1:2 (3)

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You do not understand.  Maybe the following will help:
 Sun        Mon      Tue      Wed      Thur        Fri       Sat
  The above was "Creation Week", 4.5 billion years ago,  beginning
the first Divine age, lasting until 245 Million BC.  Moses only  saw
the fourth day (Wed) of Creation Week.  Things began to go wrong 
about 600 Million BC.  Until then, there was no death.  But with  the 
extinction at 245 Million BC, everything on land died.
After a span of time, God restores life on the planet.
Sun        Mon      Tue      Wed      Thur        Fri       Sat
The above was the first week of the second geological age,
which lasted until 65 Million BC.  Moses only saw  the  Fifth
Day (Thurs).  The famous death of the dinosaurs marked the
end of ALL life on land.  The same entity that caused the
extinction in 245 Million BC, also caused the second major
extinction in 65 Million BC. 
After a span of time, God again restores life on the planet.
Sun        Mon      Tue      Wed      Thur        Fri       Sat
Moses only saw the Sixth Day (Fri) of the above week of restoration.
There has been one week of Creation, and six different weeks of 
Restoration.  Moses was shown one day out of each week. It's
not until one of the gospels that Jesus reveals the chronological
Remember, God tells the earthlings to REPLENISH the Earth on
the Sixth day (of the second restoration week).
Does it begin to make more sense now?
>>  <<Can you bring any biblical reference for "seven days  of  Moses"?

<<>>  Exodus 24:  15-18

That's where you are mistaken.  That passage is also where  you learn 
why Moses wrote "evening and the morning", instead of "morning 
and evening".
<<>>Where did God  have to go in order to find  darkness?

>><< Face up to (scientific) reality and  throw that around for a while.

<<What does scientific  reality have to do with any of this. Who said that 
<<the Bible is about science? The Bible is about God, who is above  and 
<<beyond (and outside of) science.
Are one of those that think they have to make "excuses" for  the Bible?
It is the Bible that explains the existence of various dispatches of  mankind,
before secular science even knew prehistoric mankind existed.
God "left Heaven" to go somewhere which had darkness.  That  "somewhere"
was our universe, which had become lost in chaos.  Earth is the  principle
celestial object in this universe, and it has become a wilderness (six  
Now, can any of you "tie in" a verse that supports the above  paragraph?


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