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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 08/06/2004 11:04, VC wrote:

>Dear George,
>Even many Christian scholars doubt the accuracy of the Acts. ...

Who? There were some doubters at one time, but the general accuracy of 
the book has now been well demonstrated.

>... Don't rely on the mention of Gamliel.
>Philo's grammar is not that bad as you imagine. elokim may refer to prominent men. MT does not have "sons of God", as you believe. It has bnei elokim, ...

No, it is bnei elohim, with he, not kaf. I don't know why you are making 
this substitution, but if you are trying to avoid offending Jewish 
sensitivities you might be more successful if you treated their holy 
text with more respect.

> ...
>You mix different things. I reject Christianity for intellectual reasons. I don't hate people of Christian faith, of course. Anti-Semites hate Jews; they cannot disregard Judaism, since they proclaim their religion is based upon it.
Anti-Semites are not Christians as you seem to assume. Some may profess 
Christianity, but they deny their faith every time they practice 
anti-Semitism. Many profess other religions or none at all.

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