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Tue Jun 8 13:23:51 EDT 2004

> In a message dated 06/06/2004 10:44:35 GMT Daylight Time, 
> vadim_lv at center-tv.net writes:
> >> But in the
>> Hebrew studies, opinions of the Jews are a curiosity at the most because
>> they do not understand the divine message, anyway. Believe it or not, this
>> is the reply I once got from a reputable group of scholars working on the
>> translation of Tanakh.
>> Best regards,
>> Vadim Cherny
> Vadim ... I believe it. Yet another example of Gentile arrogance which even 
> the New Testament warns against ( Romans 11:17-25). 
> I actually work at a conservative Bible college (as an accountant) and find 
> this phenomenon all too disturbingly engrained and widespread among 
> theologians of ALL stripes. 
> Perhaps the day our "learned (mostly Gentile) theologians" start believing 
> Romans 11:17-25 will be the day Jesus comes back. So it's no wonder to me He's 
> been delayed so long :-) 
> Gentile Christians as a group are too set in arrogance and too dismissive of 
> where our faith and our Bible actually came from originally . I say this as 
> a Gentile myself and as a Christian Turk convert from nominal Islam; but i 
> certainly do deplore this spiritual landscape that i survey. 
> Celal Berker

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