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George F. Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Tue Jun 8 10:50:06 EDT 2004

I would hardly say that a student of the eminent Gamaliel did not know
Tanak (BTW:  the author of Acts where the Stephen quotation appears was a
companion of this same student of Gamaliel, the Apostle Paul).  As
regards the "garbled quotations" you might consult Philo regarding his
understanding of Tanak.  Take but a small example:  Gen 6.2.  Here the MT
and the LXX have "Sons of God" but Philo says

"And when the angels of God saw the daughters of men that they were
beautiful, they took unto themselves wives of all of them whom they
chose.” Those beings, whom other philosophers call demons, Moses usually
calls angels; and they are souls hovering in the air. 

Obviously they are not called AGGELOI [LXX] or MaL:)fKiYM [MT] but

I hardly think that the LXX which was the Bible of the early church was a
product of Romans or Chinese but of Greek-speaking Jews.  If the passage
is "garbled", it hardly falls to the account of Christians.  I would say
that you apparently have about as much antipathy to Christianity as some
who are considered anti-Semitic have toward Jews -- and about as much
knowledge of those you excoriate as the anti-Semitic have (or should I
say "about as little knowledge"?).  The method employed in understanding
the text within the church was about the same as that employed in the
synagogue which is quite different from that which would be used today in
academic circles.  It is this type of interpretation which has evolved
the kashrut rule for the separation of meat and dairy from the
prohibition to "seeth a kid in its mother's milk."  This has become a
part of the observant Jew's practice.  I am not going to beat them over
the head and say that they shouldn't be doing that, but I think they
themselves realize that it was not the intention of the text in its
origin but a development in the history of their faith.  As such their
practice is beyond any criticism.


On Tue, 8 Jun 2004 16:21:20 +0300 "VC" <vadim_lv at center-tv.net> writes:
> >>I may understand when the earliest Christians, not well-acquianted 
> with
> the
> >>Tanakh, put much stock in the title messiah. But I'm puzzled why 
> this
> title
> >>is of importance to you.
> >You seem to have a misunderstanding about who the earliest 
> Christians were.
> The earliest Christians were Jews.  Gentiles were not initially 
> included in
> the membership of the church. While it is true that some of them may 
> not
> have been well versed in the scripture, some of them were very well
> educated.<
> Surely, very odd Jews those have been. They did not know Tanakh, 
> cited
> garbled quotations of the verses the should have studied in 
> childhood (if
> you know about bar Sheta reforms) and were unobservant. Wishful 
> thinking
> Sincerely,
> Vadim Cherny
> Sincerely,
> Michael Abernathy
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