[b-hebrew] The islands

VC vadim_lv at center-tv.net
Tue Jun 8 09:47:52 EDT 2004

> >The translation of "coastland" is perfectly reasonable. However, can we
> >disregard the established meaning of the word and attach it the sense,
> >we think suits it better? This approach can lead as far away.
> HH: "Coastland" is a well-established meaning for the word.

Not in the conventional Hebrew dictionaries

> >Besides, the Tanakhic authors had pretty good grasp on geography. They
> >probably could distinguish between an island and a coastland, even more
> >since a large part of their country was a coastland or very close to it.
> HH: Yes, but if the Hebrew word could emphasize land that is in
> contact with water, then the distinction between island and coastland
> would be immaterial.

Conjecture, again. If you like conjectures, I'll venture another one: why im
is not jackal? Isaiah calls his enemies dogs, so why not jackals?


Vadim Cherny

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