[b-hebrew] WAV Conjunction

George Athas gathas at hotkey.net.au
Tue Jun 8 10:00:33 EDT 2004

Hi Chris!
    George,  I was going to ask exactly the same question that Noam asked, and
  the reason being was this:------- Preterite is a simple past tense form that
  is not marked for aspect ------.

  Based upon the meaning of 'aspect' I find this definition of preterite
  somewhat confusing.  Regards Chris.

I guess I would disagree with that definition.

Also, there is more to aspect than what I mentioned. It is a little complicated to explain, and I am still working on ways to convey it to beginning students. It's a prickly one.

Does anyone else have any good simple explanation of aspect?

Best regards,

Lecturer in Biblical Languages
Southern Cross College
Sydney, Australia

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