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Dear Karl,

Most of what you copied below was not mine - and what was was a reaction to

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> DearYigal:
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> >
> >   It's been theology & Creationism that have been feeding us
> >   about Genesis and Creation.

This was Herm.

> >
> And paganism connected with the ancient Greek religion is telling us the
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> >
Herm: > >   If you spent more time studying the text (instead of the
direction this
> >   group seems to dabble in), and asked the Almighty for understanding,
> >   then you could teach others the truth, bringing more people to the
> >   knowledge of our Creator, and the past history of our universe.

Yigal: > >   The sages taught that "the Torah speaks in the language of
> >
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> >
Herm: > >   Face up to (scientific) reality and throw that around for a
> >
Yigal: > >   What does scientific reality have to do with any of this. Who
said that the Bible is about science? The Bible is about God, who is above
and beyond (and outside of) science.
> >
Why this reference to science? What does creationism have to do with
science? What does evolution have to do with science? What does cosmology
have to do with science?

Ask Herm. I agree that the Bible is NOT about science. Religion and science
have different assumptions and different methodologies. However there is a
science of academic Bible studies, which uses the assumptions and
methodologies of science in order to comprehend the un-scientific Bible.
That's what most of us "academics" do.
I agree, that there are aso people who get the opposite confused, and think
that the conclusions of science (such as evolution) are a "religious" truth.


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