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I understand this term to mean to arrive, in other words, not just to come, but to come and be present. The hiphil is causative, to cause to arrive, i.e. to bring.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Maurice can you briefly explain this emmendation by Dahood.
>  . By contrast 'atâ is used only twenty times, twenty-one times if one
> accepts the emendation proposed by Dahood for Ps 74:9, "Our signs we do not
> see, there is no longer a prophet, and no one has "come" ('ittanû > 'atanû)
> who knows how long." Eighteen of the twenty are in the Qal and two in the
> Hiphil (Isa 21:14; Jer 12:9) with the meaning "to bring."
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