[b-hebrew] Re: Ashera: ?Ashtoret Tzidon

Noam Eitan bhebrew at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 20:42:22 EDT 2004

Patrina <patrina at bestmail.us> wrote: 
>LOL. Well Noam, maybe you're the person to ask whether Ashtoret of
Tzidon (1 Kings 11:5) is the same as Ashera, Queen of Heaven? 

Ashtoret of the Zidonians appears 9 times in the TaNaKh and is different from the Canaanite Ashera (40 times) - different locals, different cults, completely different lexemes (it only looks similar in English.)

>I think there's a word play on the fertility goddess in Deut 7:13, 28:4, 18, and
51, where "ashterot tzon" is translated as 'flocks of your sheep and
goats' in my Stone edition Tanach. As far as I can tell, this occurs
nowhere else, 


>only in Deuteronomy in connection with fertility. As is
fitting for an all-powerful deity, YHWH subsumes the attributes of the
surrounding deities through the pen of the the Deuteronomist in this
example (I think).

Either that, or the expression lost its pagan connotation by then. But I wouldn't call it a word play, I don't believe these 4 references consciously make pagan allusions of some kind.

Noam Eitan, Brooklyn, NY


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