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Peter Kirk <peterkirk at qaya.org> wrote: 
On 07/06/2004 12:39, VC wrote:

>Dear Listmembers,
>Just wanted to share a thought. What always puzzled me in the Tanakh - and this turn is most often encountered in Isaiah - is the reference to certain islands. They are clearly hostile to the Jews, ...

>Where does it say this?

Many of the 36 references to Islands in the Tanakh are hostile, particularly in the prophets. But it's not so much that there is any evidence they were hostile to the Judeans, but rather that the prophets were hostile to them, and even this hostility was not specific but often part of a generalized Yahwistic hostility to other nations who will be taught a lesson one day about Yahweh's superiority. I think Jeremiah 31:10 is emblematic - 'Islands' stand for the remotest corners of the earth (and Yahweh's message and score settling will reach EVEN as far as the islands.) - Noam Eitan, Brooklyn, NY

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