[b-hebrew] Verbal Root - CHET-RESH-MEM

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Mon Jun 7 18:24:38 EDT 2004

Dear Reinier de Blois:

I understand this verb to refer to sentencing something to destruction, which for living things is a sentence of death. For something devoted to the Lord, to the giver it is the same as dead or destroyed in so far as he can no longer make use of it.

Is there connection between this and a (fish) trap?

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Reinier de Blois" <r.de.blois at solcon.nl>

> Dear Chris,
> I doubt whether Ch-R-M is part of the same semantic domain as "to curse"
> at all, even though some translations render CHEREM as "curse" in some
> contexts. It may be closer to Q-D-SH (see Lev. 27:21,28; Num 18:14).
> By the way, since CH-R-M means death for living creatures the idea of
> being separated from God is not entirely absent.
> Best wishes,
> Reinier
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> > 
> > Thankyou Jullie and Reiner,
> > 
> > Can I then assume that it would be not in keeping with this 
> > understanding of 'CH-R-M' to use this word to mean: "cut off 
> > from God"? As this would present a paradoxical perspective in 
> > view of the other verbs that are commonly used to express 
> > being "cursed" which clearly mean -  'seperated from God'.  
> > My intention is not to be pedantic but to appreciate how on 
> > the one hand a person or thing is "consecrated to God for 
> > destruction" and on the other hand "seperated from God" which 
> > leads also to the same outcome.
> > 
> > Regards Chris.
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