[b-hebrew] The islands

VC vadim_lv at center-tv.net
Mon Jun 7 15:39:04 EDT 2004

Dear Listmembers,

Just wanted to share a thought. What always puzzled me in the Tanakh - and this turn is most often encountered in Isaiah - is the reference to certain islands. They are clearly hostile to the Jews, and yet wait for the teaching of the messiah.

These islands are usually brushed away as a reference to scattered small nations, but this is ludicrous, since they are several times called, islands of the sea.

Of course, there are no significant islands near Israel. The closest ones are on the Red Sea, far from the ancient sphere of Israeli influence and concern. Greek islanders were too far away to mount military offensive deep inland. In fact, it is hard to imagine any sea nation threatening landlocked Jerusalem. Maritime warfare is not an issue even for the present-day Israel.

I don't have any idea what are these islands.Perhaps anyone would venture a suggestion?


Vadim Cherny

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