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But you don't assume that Gesenius was free of the doctrinal bias?

>Traditional western study of biblical Hebrew developed in the
> early 19th century and has remained extremely conservative since then.
Is not this conservatism due to the doctrine?

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02:38, VC wrote:
> >Since the difference between the ancient and modern Hebrew is relatively
> >minor, and could be covered in a month or so, which is not a major term
> >people devoting their life time to Hebrew studies, may I suggest that
> >negligence to the modern Hebrew has doctrinal roots?
> >
> >
> I would suggest that the roots of this are historical rather than
> doctrinal. > Note for example that what are still considered the standard
> dictionaries etc are 19th century works, in some cases with revisions
> into the early 20th century. So the traditions of biblical Hebrew
> scholarship date back to a period when modern Hebrew was at most a
> twinkle in Eliezer ben Yehuda's eye. The thinking is still that if
> Gesenius ignored modern Hebrew (as he had to: he died before ben Yehuda
> was born!), then that is what good scholars should do.
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