[b-hebrew] Re: Documentary Hypothesis - OT translations

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Jun 7 09:12:14 EDT 2004

On 05/06/2004 20:34, Joe Baker wrote:

>One example comes from the book of 1 Samuel. When compared to the MT, the
>LXX omits a large chunk of information dealing with the rise of David. This
>omission is not a single section but consists of scattered verses and
>phrases, ie 
>17:12-31, 48b, 50, 55-58; 18:1-5, 8b, 10-11, 12b, 17-19, 21b, 29b-30.
>Just looking at this break up reminds one of the charts produced by modern
>scholars when they break down Genesis-Deuternomy into primary sources.
>Yet this "omitted material" in 1 Samuel 17-18, read on its own, is a small
>fully self contained story. It is internally consistent unit, but in some
>parts it contradicts the main narrative. ...

Huh? Saul sends for David (17:31) but instead David hurries out to meet 
Goliath (17:48b)? Merab is married off to Adriel (18:19) but without any 
mention of Michal David has a second chance to become Saul's son-in-law 
(18:21b)? This doesn't sound like fully self-contained story to me.

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