[b-hebrew] Re: Gen 1:2 (4)

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Mon Jun 7 06:59:09 EDT 2004

Dear Herm,

>I'm surprised, and pleased, that even one person remembered.
>No.  I have two.  One in the "major prophets", and one in the  gospels.
>I can't "have the ear of the world" if I can't bring to the table what  all
>others before me and beside me have missed.  That is "my  agenda".
>The first chronological day was the fourth day of Moses, which  science
>has defined (Moon rocks) as being about 4.5 billion years ago.
>The second (geological age)  day was the fifth day of Moses, when  God
>showed him "sea monsters and the first birds", such as  the  pterosaur,
>plesiosaur, and archaeopteryx, beginning in about 244 Million BC.
>The third age was represented by the sixth day of Moses, when God
>revealed the creation of herbivores (such as eohippus), beasts of  the
>field (such as brontotheres and indricotherium), and finally mankind
>(male & female at the same time).  However "let us make man"  meant
>that "this time, different from what was made before, mankind  was
>made in God's image".  This was in the 64 Million BC time frame.
>Don't trip over the "let us".  There are other created entities  in Heaven
>besides the angels.
>When I can, I give Biblical Reality seminars explaining these things.

HH: This sort of thinking is not new. It is a way that someone who 
holds to the findings of evolution, at least in part, tries to make 
the Bible match the conclusions of evolution. Similar ideas have been 
popularized by astronomer Hugh Ross. A good book for you to read 
would be _Refuting Compromise_, by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (Green 
Forest, AR: Master Books, 2004). It is available at 
The book does not agree with Hugh Ross.

					Harold Holmyard

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