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Good grief.

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> Hello all.
> <<Where do you get the part about the sun being turned off? And
> <<planet=waters?
> The Sun (also the Moon & stars) was created "as a sign" for  mankind
> (earthlings), on the 4th day (Wednesday) of Creation Week, which  was
> the first week of the 1st geological age defined by God to Moses.   Since
> there were no earthlings living on the planet (at the time of the first
> day),
> the "sign" (the Sun) was turned off.  A sign serves no purpose if  there
> no one to see it.
> >> Genesis 1:2 begins the "seven days of Moses", not the "seven  days of
> >> Creation".
> <<Can you bring any biblical  reference for "seven days of Moses"?
> Exodus 24: 15-18
> > >Theology is under the false belief  that Moses is  describing
> <<As if there is only one belief  called "theology".
> It's been theology & Creationism that have been feeding us  misinformation
> about Genesis and Creation.
> > "Creation Week" in chapter  one.  The truth is, God was  introducing
> > a new concept to  mankind, which man would not understand until
> > the end of the 20th  century AD.
> <<How conceited! That God would reviel to Moses what  only WE
> <<(or YOU) can understand!
> If you spent more time studying the text (instead of the direction  this
> group seems to dabble in), and asked the Almighty for understanding,
> then you could teach others the truth, bringing more people to the
> knowledge of our Creator, and the past history of our universe.
> > If you're having trouble, ask yourself these questions:
> >  1)  Where did the water come from?
> <<The question of "creation  ex nihilo" or not has kept theologians busy
> <<several thousand  years.
> That's because they have kept their heads in the sand, refusing to
> "do their homework".  The first day of Moses was from the first week  of
> a later geological age (out of the defined seven).
> >>Where did God  have to go in order to find  darkness?
> Face up to (scientific) reality and throw that around for a while.
> Herm
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