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> Hi all.
> <<>How conceited! That God would reviel to Moses what only WE
> <<(or YOU) can understand
> <<HH: I cannot think of a place where Jesus changed
> <<the  order of the seven days. This looks like a
> <<misunderstanding.
> It's so sad that those that THINK they have eyes, but can not see, and
> also BELIEVE that they are so scholarly, yet have little or no
> of the scriptures.  Have so many of you succumbed to such  darkness
> to believe that Genesis (and the Bible) is a big joke?
> What in the world do you think God was showing Moses?  What did  Moses
> see, and what did it mean?  A major proof of the divinity of the
> is the fact that Moses wrote about what God showed him, and not  having
> much understanding of what he saw.  Mankind during the time of  Moses
> had no concept of past geologic time.  Each day of Moses was from  the
> first week of each Divine defined (7) geologic age.  However,  Jesus
> had to reveal the chronological order of the days, for them to be
> understood.
> Therefore, Moses was the first of modern man to write about the  existence
> of mankind of a previous age.  What "bible scholars" assign  as the "sixth
> day of the first creation account ("E" or "P")", is actually  Moses seeing
> mankind of 60+ Million BC.   Now, go ahead and have a good  laugh if
> you like, but the joke will be on you.
> Herm
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