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Mon Jun 7 06:02:26 EDT 2004

Dear Karl,

>For me the text is paramount, theology be damned.<
This ideal is unrealizable when we have to choose the plausible meanings out
of several grammatically possible.

> I have run into Jews who are just as tied to theological assumptions that
restrict their translations as the most unthinking Christian<
I was talking of a different thing. Jews assume an axiom A (TNK). Christians
assume axiom A (TNK) + axiom B (NT). Therefore, Christian approach requires
more assumptions, and is weaker; that doesn't mean that Jewish
interpretation is perfect.


Vadim Cherny
> Karl W. Randolph.
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> From: "VC" <vadim_lv at center-tv.net>
> > Dear Yigal,
> >
> > > from SOME Orthodox Jewish students and audiences: why should we care
> > > gentile anti-semites think about OUR Tanakh?
> > While I wouldn't go to this extreme, they have a rationale. In any
> > that explanation is preferred, which requires less assumptions. Now,
> > Christian scholars introduce a major assumption in interpreting the
> > namely, that it could and even should be interpreted with a fringe
> > text, the NT, in mind. Since Jewish scholars don't require this
> > their opinions should be preferred.
> > This, of course, does not imply in any sense pushing someone out of this
> > field of scholarship, but rather inadmissibility of bringing a doctrine
> > the field.
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Vadim Cherny
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