[b-hebrew] Gen 1:2 (3)

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Sun Jun 6 22:05:51 EDT 2004

Hello all.
<<Where do you get the part about the sun being turned off? And 
The Sun (also the Moon & stars) was created "as a sign" for  mankind
(earthlings), on the 4th day (Wednesday) of Creation Week, which  was 
the first week of the 1st geological age defined by God to Moses.   Since 
there were no earthlings living on the planet (at the time of the first  
the "sign" (the Sun) was turned off.  A sign serves no purpose if  there is 
no one to see it.

>> Genesis 1:2 begins the "seven days of Moses", not the "seven  days of
>> Creation".

<<Can you bring any biblical  reference for "seven days of Moses"?
Exodus 24: 15-18

> >Theology is under the false belief  that Moses is  describing

<<As if there is only one belief  called "theology".
It's been theology & Creationism that have been feeding us  misinformation
about Genesis and Creation.

> "Creation Week" in chapter  one.  The truth is, God was  introducing
> a new concept to  mankind, which man would not understand until
> the end of the 20th  century AD.

<<How conceited! That God would reviel to Moses what  only WE 
<<(or YOU) can understand!
If you spent more time studying the text (instead of the direction  this
group seems to dabble in), and asked the Almighty for understanding,
then you could teach others the truth, bringing more people to the
knowledge of our Creator, and the past history of our universe.

> If you're having trouble, ask yourself these questions:
>  1)  Where did the water come from?

<<The question of "creation  ex nihilo" or not has kept theologians busy for
<<several thousand  years.
That's because they have kept their heads in the sand, refusing to
"do their homework".  The first day of Moses was from the first week  of
a later geological age (out of the defined seven).

>>Where did God  have to go in order to find  darkness?
Face up to (scientific) reality and throw that around for a while.

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