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Oh boy....

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> Let the "bible scholars" which neither understand the text, nor  believe
> the scriptures take the above approach.  The correct interpretation  is
> the following:
> The "dry land" (earth) was not visible, and was void of life.  The Sun
> turned off, the seas covered the whole Earth, and the Spirit of God
> drifted across and surface of the planet (waters).

Where do you get the part about the sun being turned off? And planet=waters?

> Genesis 1:2 begins the "seven days of Moses", not the "seven days of
> Creation".

Can you bring any biblical reference for "seven days of Moses"?

> Theology is under the false belief that Moses is  describing

As if there is only one belief called "theology".

> "Creation Week" in chapter one.  The truth is, God was  introducing
> a new concept to mankind, which man would not understand until
> the end of the 20th century AD.

How conceited! That God would reviel to Moses what only WE (or YOU) can

> If you're having trouble, ask yourself these questions:
> 1)  Where did the water come from?

The question of "creation ex nihilo" or not has kept theologians busy for
several thousand years.

> 2)  God is light, and in Him is no  darkness

Who said?

 Where did
> God  have to go in order to find darkness?
> 3)  Suppose the "seven days" are not in  chronological order?
> Jesus gave a  different order in the gospels.

Jesus (or the Evangelists) were well aquainted with the midrashic concept of
"there is no early and late in the Torah". This gives the interpreter
license to do almost anything. We just must remember that midrash is just
that - midrash and not a literal interpretation.


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