[b-hebrew] Documentary Hypothesis - Just a Bit More

Brian Roberts formoria at carolina.rr.com
Sat Jun 5 12:56:11 EDT 2004

On Saturday, June 5, 2004, at 12:49  PM, George F. Somsel wrote:


> I do not intend to belittle those who accept the Bible at its
> face value, but that is not enough.  If it were, many scholars would be
> unemployed.  A reasonable account must be given.  It is not sufficient 
> to
> simply repeat its words by rote.

So, are you saying that the job security of DH scholars is enough reason 
to feed that school of thought?

Brian Roberts

> gfsomsel
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> On Sat, 5 Jun 2004 11:21:08 -0500 "Harold R. Holmyard III"
> <hholmyard at ont.com> writes:
>> Dear Karl,
>>> The problem with DH is: unless one already
>>> possesses the sources, any attempt to
>>> reconstruct hypothesized sources from a
>>> ”daughter“ document cannot help but be
>>> artificial with a high probability of being
>>> wrong. The division along postulated differences
>>> in theology or style is no less artificial than
>>> according to how God is addressed.
>>> For example, years ago when I read a splitting
>>> apart of the story of the flood into J and E
>>> sources, I was struck by how strange and
>>> disjointed the stories were (to use your words).
>>> But as a whole, it fits together perfectly,
>>> albeit with a certain amount of redundancy not
>>> uncommon in other narratives.
>>> In closing, until a copy of one of these sources
>>> in Hebrew is found, it seems best to limit our
>>> discussion to the documents that we have.
>> HH: One argument presented to us in seminary was
>> a listing of DH schemes for dividing the biblical
>> text that have arisen over the years. I believe
>> the number was over thirty in the grouping we
>> considered, and none of them agreed. The
>> Documentary Hypothesis is just something else
>> that diverts one's attention from what the Bible
>> is saying when it is read correctly in the form
>> in which it was intended to be read.
>>                                 Yours,
>>                                 Harold Holmyard
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