[b-hebrew] Documentary Hypothesis & Genesis 6:3

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Not to make you sick, but after reviewing some notes it 
seems that Gen 6:3 is actually an E portion, not P (my 
bad).  The prevailing theory is that E was a bible for 
Isreal and J was a bible for Judah.  

One theory on Genesis 6:3 is that Isreal referred to God as 
Elohim and Judah referred to God as Yahweh.  After David 
conquored Isreal, the Isrealites agreed or were forced to 
refer to God as Yahweh.  About three generations later, 
Isreal broke free from Judah after Solomon's death.  The 
theory is that both J and E were composed at this time.  
The author of E uses Gen 6:3 as an explanation of why 
Isrealites once referred to God as Elohim but now used the 
name Yahweh.

An alternate theory is that when J and E were combined, the 
editor (redactor) inserted these lines to make the 
transistion from the Elohim to Yahweh.

That is what I read any way.
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> Michael, David, etc
> Is Exodus 6:3 then the pivotal text which is written by 
"P" to explain the 
> different names given by J-E before him?  Or is there a 
different way to 
> explain it?
> Ideas?
> Julie :)
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