[b-hebrew] Documentary Hypothesis

Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Fri Jun 4 15:08:00 EDT 2004

<David, you are misunderstanding.

I am writing from an agnostic point of view. I just state there is no direct evidence that a redundance of material in for example the "Noah story" has to be explained by this separation pattern between Yahwistic and Elohistic writers. 

Last one sounds good but is undemonstrable. It is even arbitrary and running against the evidence which shows, there is no difference between both names. Never.

One could construct, should one wish this, also different two stories of the flood by recombining differently the redundant material.

Here is a logical fault of the DH theory.

It is entirely on the other hand the question: has one to split indeed the Noah story for example, or are the redundancies, the general typical phaenomena of ANE literature? I offered an example in Ugaritic literature.

Best regards,

Bányai Michael

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