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At 09:44 04/06/2004, you wrote:

>I appreciate reading the views on this word,  but can anyone tell me why it
>is pointed in a manner that is inconsistent with practically all participle
>conjugations.  ie, the two 'segols'.

You seem to be labouring under a misapprehension about "practically all 
participle conjugations". Just what, I wonder, do you think they are?

Let me quote from Lambdin -- as early as Lesson 4, he writes:

 >>We shall begin our study of the Hebrew verb with the participal form 
mentioned above " [ note: "begin" <g> ]

After giving the masc. and fem. , sing. and plural forms he continues:

 >> the first vowel is unchangeably long: the vowel of the second syllable 
is 'tsere' and therefore changeable. Note the feminine singular form with 
-et and a corresponding change in the vowel of the final stem syllable; the 
form with [ showing a shewa under the first syllable and a qamets under the 
final syllable ] is also found, but less frequently. <<



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