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According to one of my Hebrew texts, it means hovering, as in what a bird
does over a nest.

It says, "the root of this verb is [rosh chet pey]", meaning "hover over"
such as a bird does over the nest.  The leter Tet indicates thius verb is
feminine singular (she) perfect tense.  The letter "s" is a type of verb
conjugation to be discussed later. (this always helps)  This verb can
literally be translated as "she did hover".  The "She" of this word is the
ruach, which is a feminine word.  While most consider teh "Spriit" is a
"he", Biblically, it is a "she".

Dora Smith
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> Can anyone tell me please why   --  M'RaCHeFeT is so pointed (ie with two
> segols) and presumably it's Feminine, a participle, (I only know that it's
> Piel from Shoshan)? but its very lack of consistency in English
> suggests an unusual wording for whatever the Spirit of God was supposed to
> be doing.
> Thanking you richly - Chris.
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