[b-hebrew] Weak verbs again - sorry

Lee Roy Martin lmartin at vol.com
Thu Jun 3 17:34:57 EDT 2004

Dear Chris,
The verb in question is stative. With the addition of the suffix the 
initial patach is reduced to sheva.
The stative tsere remains in place, and the connective vowel patach is 
lengthened to qamets because it is pausal.
Lee R. Martin

On Jun 3, 2004, at 5:07 PM, wattswestmaas wrote:

> Page H. Kelly has thrown up a verb in his book which does not fit any 
> of his
> 'good' teaching; and van der Merwe's reference grammar leaves me also
> twiddling my thumbs.  The verb is from Isaiah 49:14  --  ...and my 
> Lord has
> FORGOTTEN me...  --  I must say that i had really expected something 
> like
> SHaCaCHNi.  Kelly says also that ALL Lamed gutterals with added 
> suffixes are
> conjugated like their Strong verb counterparts (except two, but this 
> one
> does not fit into that category).  Van der Merwe on page 104/105 
> mentions
> suffixes but alas that is no help either.
> Since this verb is a QAL stem in the perfect 1st person,  WHY does it 
> not
> point the 'nice way' and the 'correct way'?   I have really tried to 
> work
> out what has been lengthened, changed or whatever.
> I give up!!!
> Thankyou all, Chris.
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