[b-hebrew] exodus, dating of linguistics

Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Thu Jun 3 17:25:00 EDT 2004

> Identifying the "Book of the Law" with 
> Deuteronomy feels like an artifice. So does the idea of separating the 
> texts into YHWH and Elohim threads. Further splitting those threads into 
> Priestly and Redactor sub-threads (as Friedman did) seems impossibly 
> hypothetical and impossible to verify.

BTW. Has anyone ever come to the similar idea to separate mythologic Ugaritic literature in El and Lotpan threads?

The craisy at this idea is the fact, there is no serious evidence for the theory there was ever a difference between YHWH and Elohim. This is where all had to begin. Otherwise we could split the text also along other lines, than name differences, if at all.

I suppose Wellhausens ideas became trendy right at the time point that everything - according to the intelectual consense- had to become a scientifical touch. Which has till than lacked at least in this field. 

They are however probably not much more scientifical than probably freudian Psychanalysis from the point of view of modern psychiatry is. Both charming theories, using only in rudiments here and there scientifical methods.

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