[b-hebrew] Job 39:13 - peacocks, ostriches, storks, feathers and wings and things

Schmuel Schmuel at escape.com
Thu Jun 3 12:41:58 EDT 2004

Hi b-hebrew,

    Thank you Kevin and Steve for your help on the Ben Chayyim text.  I had forgotten 
that the first two Kittel editions were Ben Chayyim based.  I do wonder if Kittel did 
some significant textcrit work in those editions that would change it from the earlier 
Ben Chayyim text? or if it was essentially 100% faithful, with simply notes and such added ?

NowI do have a question, mainly masoretic text related, on this verse...

Job 39:13 (KJB)
Gavest thou the goodly wings unto the peacocks? or wings and feathers unto the ostrich? 
   (margin note-"the  feathers  of  the  stork  and  ostrich")

The wings of the ostrich beats joyously; Are her pinions and plumage like the storks ?

Understanding that there is a *lot* of variation in various translations (list and notes available :-)
including the translation of potential bird words --

  renanim -   greediness, gluttony 
                  ostriches, some singular ostrich, similar to ye'enim (male) Lam 4:3 
  chasidah - kindness, stork 
  notsah    - feathers (ostrich in KJB in Job usage.. some put hawk, pelican)
  awlas      - root - from rejoicing -- KJB- peacock 

And other words are used elsewhere, for some of these birds
    tukkim         --> peacocks KJB 1 King 10:22  2 Chronicles 9:21
    bat-ya`anah  --> ostrich (some translations)

   Since many translations lead to logical difficulties, such as eliminating the plural of renanim, or assigning proudness to the rather mundane ostrich wings, or weakening the flow of logic to the ostrich which continues in the chapter....

** Are there significant variations in the Masoretic Text manuscripts ? **

If others want to comment in general, that is fine :-)  So far, I have gathered a number of interesting and widely and wildly conflicting translations and views.  However, I really would like to know if the various MT texts are all in agreement here.

Steven Avery
Queens, NY  

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