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On 02/06/2004 20:48, Bearpecs at aol.com wrote:

>Does anyone know about the following text:
>Hebrew (Ginsburg/Delitzsch) Bible
>published by the Trinitarian Bible Society
>ISBN: 1862281165 
I have what appears to be a scan of the TBS Ginsburg Hebrew Bible (not 
the NT). Here is the preface:


In the early years of the 16th century, Jacob ben Chayim, a Jewish 
Christian, collected as many manuscripts of the Old Testament as he 
could acquire from around the world and collated them to produce the 
most complete printed Hebrew Old Testament possible. This volume, 
published by Daniel Bomberg in 1524-5, became the standard edition of 
the Hebrew Old Testament. It was the first to present a complete Masorah 
- the Masoretic notes on the text - and was the second Rabbinic Bible, 
the only authorised Masoretic recension, becoming in time the 'textus 
receptus' of the Old Testament. It has been reprinted in numerous 
editions over the past four hundred years and was used as the bases for 
the Old Testament for many Reformation-era translations such as the 
English Authorised Version and the Dutch Statenvertaling, as well as 
many versions up to the present day.

In the late 19th century, Christian David Ginsburg employed this text as 
the basis of his edition of the Hebrew Old Testament. It was initially 
published by the Trinitarian Bible Society in 1894, and was republished 
in 1998.

PK: Note that this edition does not have the kind of Masora found in the 
Rabbinic Bible, it is only the Hebrew text plus a few notes.

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