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Hi Noam!

Aspect is basically about the speaker's perspective (ie, aspect) of the action. It takes in more information that just tense (timing). One way to put it is how the action is positioned in relation to the speaker. It allows you to answer the following questions:

- When did the action occur?
- Does the speaker convey a detailed or non-detailed view of the action?
- Does the speaker consider the action to be a background action or a foreground action?

You might like to think of aspect as providing you with a 'camera angle' on the actions, not just a chronology of them.

I hope that makes some sense.

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  Dear George,
  Thanks for this summary. I have despaired of making sense of BH verbal system. There are places that tolerate the concept of past and future tenses, particularly narratives; in others, mostly in the prophets, when I try to play with switching verbs form past to future or infinitive and step back to get the feel of it, it looks like "anything goes", as long as you don't use the same conjugation repetitively (which would indicate emphasis.) The perfect/imperfect concept doesn't help me at all and I feel is foreign to BH. Can someone summarize for me the concept of "aspects" or refer me to an online source? I don't understand this concept - maybe that's where the money is -  Noam Eitan, Brooklyn, NY

  George Athas <gathas at hotkey.net.au> wrote:
  Hi Chris!

  As you've picked up, the WAW CONSECUTIVE is a very prickly subject in Biblical Hebrew. The problems do not all come down to the WAW CONSECUTIVE, though -- there are other peripheral issues involved.

  Essentially, let me outline the old school of thought, and then outline some new currents.

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