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Rohl, yes, thank you. :)

On Saturday, July 31, 2004, at 12:19  PM, Peter Kirk wrote:

> On 31/07/2004 12:55, Brian Roberts wrote:
>> It has been suggested that the Hebrews were on their way out of Egypt 
>> at the same exact time that the Hyksos were on their way in. I do not 
>> recall whose idea this was, or if it's been developed into a theory or 
>> not.
>> Brian
> This is another of David Rohl's ideas, although I'm not sure if it 
> originated with him. He identifies the Hyksos with the Amalekites who 
> fought with the Israelites in the narrow valley of Rephidim. These 
> Amalekites/Hyksos were on their way to Egypt to take advantage of the 
> power vacuum following the devastating plagues and the loss of the 
> Egyptian army in the "Red Sea". Rohl's Pharaoh of the Exodus was 
> Dudimose or Tutimaeus, recorded by Manetho as the one in whose reign 
> the Hyksos captured Egypt.
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